Ways To Use Plywood In Your Home Decor

When it comes to using a plywood, people only think about beds and cupboards. In contrast, people find plywood seemingly ubiquitous and a budget-friendly alternative and that is why they keep testing the limits of plywood. And the limits CAN be literally tested. Just one thing to keep in mind while doing that is to make sure that your wood is strong. Hogan is the supplier of one of the finest and strongest plywoods in Gujarat. 

Now, let us take a look at what are the other ways you can spice up chunks of plywood in your home to make it look ecstatic.

Decorate Those Plain Walls

Tired of looking the same, boring and old look on your walls? Want a new look? Bored of seeing the same wallpaper everyday you thought was very beautiful once? 

Here’s your new option. Plaster your walls with some rich textured ply to totally transform your home. Before you attach plywood panels to a wall, you should figure out how many panels you need and then cut them to the right size. Once the panels and walls are ready, you can easily put the panels in place using adhesive and nails.

Add And Mix Match Some Furniture 

Plywood is the best you can and should and must-have when it comes to furniture making. While people continue to test the limits of plywood as plywood is a seemingly ubiquitous and a budget-friendly alternative. Even when you look around your house, you are bound to find at least one piece of furniture made from plywood, unless you live in the jungles. But then also, you’ll be living among the wood only! You can add some new furniture or change all the furniture of your house and do some mix and match and in any case, do it with the help of an interior designer.

Change That Floor Into A Wooden One

Tired of seeing the old tiles? Tired of the whites? Bored of the walking on the same land? Well, just change it into a wooden one and you will see, you are sorted for life. Wooden flooring gives a cosy, homely and warm feeling to you and your home. 

Create Board Games 

When the lockdown came, we all looked for something that could help us feel like it is not that hard to stay home. At that time, indoor games helped like anything. And even after lockdown, it is best to keep your kids hooked to something that is not connected with the internet and smartphones. Board games like chess, carrom and table tennis are the best games to play. And if you want one, get your carpenter just make one for you! And do not forget to ask him, which wood to use. If it’s not the Hogan wood, it’s not going to be that strong.

Use It Artfully

When it comes to using the plywood artfully, you can find a lot of inspiration from the internet. You can make chairs, wall pieces, tables, dining table, wardrobe, organizers, cupboards, wall and table decor pieces and much more. 

God house! Oops, We Meant Dog House!

How about a house inside your house, or the garden? Your dog needs a home. He obviously has your home and it’s now even his/hers but it is better if he has his own house as dogs have the habit of crawling in little places to sleep. So why not make him a cozy place of his size where he can rest, hide and do whatever he pleases. 

These were the ideas we suggested. If you have any, let us know in the comments! 

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