Innovative Use of Plywood in Interior Design

The use of plywood while designing interiors is common on the walls, the ceiling, and furniture.  While some prefer plywood to be painted, some enjoy the aesthetic of bare plywood.

A misconception about plywood is it is only made with softwood but the truth is Plywood can be made from both Hardwood (Gurjan tree/ teak tree) as well as Softwood (Mango/Pine/Cedar and birch trees). Hardwood ply has more strength than softwood ply. Hogan Plywood is very popular in Ahmedabad. In recent times, ‘Flexi ply’ has become a popular choice among architects and interior designers. It can be used in designing flexible curve surfaces.

It’s also a versatile product that’s also lightweight and often cheaper than its hardwood counterparts. There is moisture-resistant plywood that is commonly used in living spaces. For kitchens and other areas where there are high temperatures of water, boiling water-proof plywood can be used for cabinets and other furniture. Lastly, the most durable of all these types is the marine ply, which is used for boats and other industrial purposes. Although it is rarely used for furniture, marine ply is also suitable for kitchen purposes.

Although bare plywood gives a comfortable and natural vibe to the room. Often paired with neutral colors like grey, white, and black, this effect provides a very modern and contemporary twist to the room.

Unique implementations of plywood:-

While plywood is commonly used in shelves, kitchen cabinets, headboard, and walls implementations, here are some unique implementations of plywood that you can use for your upcoming projects:

  • Laminate: Covering plywood with laminates is a super common option. It is very widely used at homes, offices, and restaurants. Laminates can be of various colors and textures. The wooden textured laminates are in demand as they impart a classical look to space.
  • Wallpaper: Various wallpapers can be on ply backing. Always remember while using wallpaper on ply, it is a must to make a ply surface semi-smooth with Acrylic – Putty and one coat of primer.
  • Painting: It is easy to paint. It is popular to apply 4mm thick MDF on ply in case the surface is to be painted.
  • Branding: Putting vinyl branding on ply surfaces is ‘in thing’. Any image of your choice can be printed on a vinyl surface and the same can be fixed on plywood panels. Surface preparation is the same as wallpaper fixing.
  • Back Paint Glass: The back-painted glass fixing on the ply backing is a popular trend. It is used as a kitchen dado in residential interiors and column cladding in corporate interiors.
  • Fabric panels: If improving the acoustic property of the space is what you want, the application of fabric panels on ply is recommended. These panels are easily fixed on ply backing.

This list of surface materials and treatments is endless and a lot of innovation is possible on plywood surfaces. Indeed, Plywood is a versatile material and it has contributed immensely to our everyday life.

With the advancement in technologies and creative inputs from architects and interior designers, the use of plywood will be ever-rising. Touch Wood!

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