5 Ways To Keep Your Furniture Termite Free

A massive $40 billion annual industry is dedicated to termites, as per the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). In the United States, these tiny vicious creatures destroy parts of more than 600,000 homes every year.

Termites are also known as “silent destroyers” which can infest and destroy your home or property. The termites are good at secretly hiding and thriving without you finding out which may cause severe damage without signs of any immediate signs of damage. 

There are ways to prevent your home and space from this termite infestation-

Let your furniture be in the sunlight 

Termites enjoy the dark areas, Exposing them to sunlight is likely to create chaos in their life. Just a couple of hours of sunlight twice a week on a hot sunny day can give these termites a run for their lives. Again the logic is, not to allow these dangerous insects a place to hide. Remember the sunlight is supposed to reach each and every corner of the furniture.

Always ask for termite proof plywood sheet

Well, the easiest way to avoid termites is to get furniture or plywood which is Termite-proof plywood, it will save your time, energy, and even money. Ask your interior designer or carpenter for the plywood which suits you the most. This is a budget-friendly investment.

Don’t damp it 

The moisture is good friends with the enemy(termites) and termites love the moisture too. Without moisture the survival of termites gets tough. So if you are thinking of buying new furniture or making new at home you want to think about first cleaning the room and treating the moisture then moving in the new furniture. Perhaps if your furniture remains wet or seeps in water, dry it as soon as possible.

Give these natural remedies a try

While chemical treatments have proven to be effective, they might impact your health and cause some severe disorders. Don’t worry we have got you covered, with natural remedies

Orange oil: 

The D-Limonene is abundantly found in orange oil, and proven to be a very effective insecticide. There are a bunch of ways to apply it to your plywood furniture commonly used methods are brushing and spraying it on the infected areas of your furniture. Use orange oil to kill termites and protect your plywood furniture from turning into wood dust.

Neem Oil:

The best way to save ply from colonies of termites is to directly apply neem oil to infected areas. Repeat this treatment several times until you get desired results with your ply furniture 

Use these methods to get rid of the termites from your plywood furniture. 

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