How To Take Care Of Your Wooden Doors And Windows

When building a home, the doors and windows hold a prominent part in it. You are very careful in choosing the right wood for your doors and windows because they are the ones to protect you from all sorts of weather conditions outside. They have to be strong while maintaining their outer beauty. And they do require regular care and maintenance. Well-maintained and clean-looking doors not only create a great first impression on people but also adds to the aesthetic value of the home.

You spend a lot of time and energy picking the right entrance door or windows, so it makes perfect sense to protect your investment with regular maintenance. Paying careful attention to your door and windows also maximizes their durability and operation. With that in mind, here are some tips to keep your door and windows looking great for years to come.

Regular cleaning

Take some time out of your routine to clean your door from both sides. Dirt, soot, and other harmful contaminants are acidic in nature and can seriously damage the finish if not washed off regularly. Hence, it is important to thoroughly clean your windows and doors twice a year. Wipe down the surface with a sponge or a damp cloth. And if the dirt build-up is excessive, use a light mixture of soapy water to wash it off. Make sure the liquid you use has a neutral PH, is mild and non-abrasive. Once you have cleaned the doors and windows with the mixture, rinse off their surface with plain water (to remove the soapy residue) and let it dry out completely.


Proper lubrication can make all the difference to the health of your door. Paying attention to moving parts such as the hinges, rollers, and tracks leads to a noise-free, smooth and easy operation. Choosing the right lubricant is essential to your door functioning properly – the wrong product may damage the materials used to build your door. You should also inspect your locks to ensure they don’t have any problems such as dirt, rust, or defective mechanisms.

Routine check

Along with regular cleaning, a routine check is also essential to identify any damage to the door and its components. This way you can carry out restoration work sooner rather than later and keep your doors in a good condition.

  • Finishing 

It’s important to look at the overall condition of your door. The finish protects the wood so it’s necessary that it remains in good shape. You may want to check for faded, cracked, chipped, or peeling finishes and whether the door has a dull or raised surface. If you notice any of these signs, make sure to refinish or recoat before more damage is caused to the surface. And don’t forget to avoid overly dark colors, so you don’t void your warranty!

  • Moisture 

Dark streaks or whitish marks in the grain under a clear finish could mean a build-up of moisture or a damaged finish. When left untreated moisture can rot a door’s wooden frame and blister the paintwork. Repairing the problem as soon as you spot it can stop the moisture from spreading and further damaging your door.

  • Timber frames 

Checking your timber door frame for cracks and other issues that need fixing is also vital for keeping your door in perfect shape. While you’re checking the frame, it’s great a time to tighten all the hinge screws.

Follow these tips and extend the beauty and functionality of your door year after year. 

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