Why choose Hogan?

Hogan uses premium quality of raw materials, and every product goes through stringent quality checks, multiple times ensuring that the product that reaches the market is of the best

MR grade ply should be used for dry areas.

BWR/BWP grade plywood should be used in moisture prone areas.

Agro forests are forests specially grown for commercial uses. Also called Plantation Timber.

Gurjan is a species of wood used in plywood construction.

Manufacturer reputation, quality claims, borer and termite protection, warranty offered, etc.

Check for written assurances like warranty certificates.

Plywood quality can be checked at BIS approved laboratories

IS 303 and IS 710 for normal plywood. Special use plywood has other specifications

What is chipping and delamination?

Chipping is when part of the veneer is peeled of the surface.

MR grade ply should be used for dry areas.

Delamination is the separation of layers of plywood.

Replacing the sheet is suggested.

Borers are present inside the would and while leaving create pinholes, whereas, Termite attacks wood from the outside leading the wood to crumble.

Plywood application should be done according to the grade.

Warpage is a natural tendency of wood, especially during weather extremities.

Twisting and bending are similar to warpage.

Wood has natural tendency of absorbing water.

The key things to be taken care of are Quality checks, Manufacture reputation, borer and termite protection, warranty offered etc.

Particle Board and MDF are made of wood pulp and powder, where as plywood is made of layers of wood.