The Best Wood for Furniture

Any modern house is incomplete without some furniture. The foundation of any furniture is its wood. And if the foundation is not made of good wood, it’s more likely to be a bad piece of furniture.

There are two types of wood based on its strength and density; hardwood and softwood.

Let’s dive into the sea of various (and best furniture–) woods of India!

Sheesham wood

It is tough and very close-grained. The good thing about this good wood is that it can maintain its shape and is also available in large sizes so that you can avoid those ugly cracks in your furniture. Also known as ‘Indian Rosewood’, Sheesham wood is known for its utility in kitchen, bedroom cabinets, dining sets, musical instruments and other carvings due to its sturdiness and beauty.

Satin wood

Robust, durable and done with high gloss finish makes it very attractive. Satin wood is easy to take care of and requires little maintenance as it does not need everyday cleaning and also, its flawless finish hides all the minor imperfections.

Sal wood

Sal wood is known for its tensile strength and durability as it is also resistant to the attack of fungus, white ants and insects. Sal wood is immune to decay and is the most durable type of timber.


In the eyes of a woodworker, teak wood is the best wood there is as it is highly fire resistant, durable and has an aesthetic appeal. In addition to these qualities, it also has a straight grain pattern, rich brown colour and it resists white ants, dry rots and also decay, which makes it one of the most expensive woods in India.

Marandi wood

Marandi wood, usually imported from Malaysia, is resistant to decay, termites and insects. Also known as White Cedar timber, it is light, soft and uniform in texture. It needs less maintenance and also has an aesthetic appeal so as to be used for decorative items.


The great thing about Mahogany wood is that it stays durable even under water. It can also adopt the glossy finish as its pores can absorb paint very well. For some of us, Mahogany is the finest wood there is.

Mulberry wood

Mulberry wood is tough, elastic and perfect for floors and ornate pieces of furniture and decoration. The good thing about Mulberry wood is that it has an aesthetic appeal and has a broad range of colours to choose from. As Mulberry wood is easy to carve, it is also used to make pieces of furniture and other functional objects.


Deodar is very sturdy, rot-resistant, close-grained and can absorb the deep polish to give a good finish. It is more of an industrial wood as it has a long-lasting life and is immune to decay by water and insects. In prior times, people used to make religious places and landscaping with this wood. Today, it is widely used to make railway carriages, railway sleepers, packing boxes and furniture.


Jackwood is the wood that is evenly grained, compact, easy to carve, gives a good finish and is easy to work with. Given its aesthetic appeal, Jackwood is widely used to carve and design musical instruments and aesthetically appealing objects.

Along with wood, there are also various synthetic alternatives available in the market yet wood is all the more preferable to craft furnitures and decor items as it can always be repaired and is very durable.

Now that you know about which wood to choose to make your project as appealing as possible, we highly suggest that you give the good wood makers, Hogan a call and decide the best wood for your project.

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