How To Take Care Of Your Furniture

The costs of doing the full furniture of your house are takes a very big share in your home budget. Wooden furniture can be expensive and we generally don’t change our furniture every now and then. Hence, it makes it very necessary to keep them healthy and shining to make them last long. 

Here are a few valuable tips that can help you care better for your wooden furniture.

  1. Dust till dawn and even after that

Dusting your wooden furnishings with a damp cloth every now and then is the best thing you can do for them. Dusting at least once in every week will not just keep your furniture surfaces clean but will also create the clean and hygienic feeling about your home to the guests.

  1. DIY with kitchen ingredients

A kitchen has almost every remedy in the world, including wooden furniture cleaning solutions. What you can do is open that refrigerator, get that vinegar out and fill ¼ cup from it, add 1 cup of water, 2 tablespoon mineral oil or coconut oil and that right there is your DIY solution. 

  1. Clean with some warmth and faith

Often we spill some liquid, some food or oil on our wooden furniture. When that happens, do not let it stay for longer. Instead, take a cloth dampened with warm water with some mild dishwasher soap/ liquid and rub it against the stained surface. 

  1. Go back, sunlight

Sunlight, moisture and the humidity can be the ultimate Gabbar to our Jai and Wood. With excessive amount of sunlight, wood can lose its luster and it will begin to fade its shine. To avoid that, place your furniture in a place that doesn’t catch much sunlight, raindrops and humidity. Even if you plywood is water resistant, you could still care for it better and give it a longer lifespan by placing it in the areas of good air ventilation and less heat. 

  1. The Right Temperature

Sudden and often weather changes are never a best friend, be it humans or wooden furnitures. Try to keep your furniture in an consistent temperatured environment. Also, avoid keeping your furniture in the bathroom and laundry areas. 

  1. Put some accessories

Put a cover on your furnishings, especially when you are going out for a few days. It will keep those thick dust layers away. For regular uses, use better sofa fabrics, dining table mats, fiber table clothes, chair covers and protective pads.

  1. Pets, stay away. Please?

Pets and their teeth and nails are always the Bin Bulaye Baraati to your wooden furniture. Get them used to not climbing on those beautiful tables and scartch them. Or just fiber clothes to cover them. 

  1. Sharp objects? No thanks.

Sharp objects like knives, forks, pens, blades and nailcutters on that beautifully carved wooden furniture ruins the entire point of aesthetics. Better to keep those away or instead, use the holders and organisers to keep all those mundane things handy and away from the suface of the wood. 

  1. Polish with Oil

To maintain that luster and shine for longer and never let that aesthetic appeal go, polish your furniture. It will even help in keeping them clean and look elegant. 

So, these were the few tips. We hope you learned something and will incorporate some or better, all of these tips in your cleaning routines. 

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