Five Reasons Why You Should Use Hogan Plywood For Your Next Project

A plywood is the basis of every furniture item as it provides sturdiness. So, it is very necessary to choose the correct one in order to get the best results. It is a very versatile product which makes it a top choice for carpenters and interior designers. A good quality veneer can make it almost look like wood and is easy to paint. 

Formerly known as Timberland, Hogan Plywood is the fastest growing manufacturer and the best plywood in Gujarat. Reliable quality and best-in-market value are its synonyms. Hogan uses the latest and the state-of-the-art techniques and innovations to serve its customers with the best quality products.

Here are a few reasons why Hogan Plywood is the best in Gujarat for your projects.

Hogan Is Strong, Just Like Hulk.

Hulk is known for his strength, and so is Hogan Plywood. Good quality veneers and adhesives are used to craft Hogan plywood which makes it durable and the best plywood in Gujarat. And it provides sturdiness to the furniture and it lasts long. Hogan gives strength to the product without compromising on the look and the aesthetics of the furniture. 

Hogan Does Not Bend.

It is necessary for the plywood to be firm in order to provide the required support and strength to the furniture. So it is essential for the plywood to remain rigid in every situation. With other plywoods you have to take various precautions to keep it from bending. But Hogan Plywood sets you free of all this unnecessary hassle and keeps the plywood from bending.

Hogan Stays Moisture Free.

Wood has the ability to absorb moisture from air especially, during monsoon. And this can have adverse effects on the quality of the manufactured product as well as the environment. The moisture content is a very important criteria of quality which often goes unnoticed by the manufacturers. But Hogan Plywood ensures that the quality of the product remains intact. So it does not catch moisture and the product remains durable.

Hogan Absorbs Laminates Very Well.

There is a possibility that the plywood will bend after applying laminate to only one side of it or it might not absorb it. Lamination makes shelving easy to maintain and clean because its slick plastic surface resists moisture. So it is necessary for the plywood to absorb laminate very well. Hogan Plywood eliminates all those reasons and absorbs laminates making it more durable and strong. 

Hogan Does Not Screw Up With Screws And Nails.

Screws and nails bind the plywood and make the junctions strong. They secure one plywood sheet to another and provide strength to the furniture. So it is necessary that the plywood does not bend the nails and screws when hammered into it. Because the durability of construction is dependent on the fastening of the woods and due to some reasons the cover material can break or the screws and nails can loosen. Hogan promises to withstand all the difficult situations and keep the screws and nails from loosening or bending. And that’s what makes it the best plywood in Gujarat.

So check out the best plywood in Gujarat at and make the best furniture out of it.

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