All You Need To Know About Blockboards

A blockboard is a building material that consists of the core of wooden strips between two layers of plywood. It is a type of an engineered compound plywood board where veneer layers used in the core are replaced by blocks of wood. It machines a sandwich like structure by placing hardwood between them. Blockboards are usually found in different sizes and thickness.

They are very different from the other engineered woods such as plywood, medium density fiberboard, particle boards, etc.

There are various grades of blockwood available in the market which are used in numerous applications. Some of them are listed below. 

  1. MR Grade

MR Grade Blockboards are known as Moisture Resistance Blockboards. Special moisture resistant adhesives are used in these blockboards which makes them resistant to moisture and humidity. This type of plywood is commonly used for indoor furniture such as windows, doors, furniture, etc. They are also known as interior grade blockboards.  

  1. BWP or BWR Grade

They are known as Boil Water Proof or Boiling Water Resistant Grade Blockboards. It has high quality resistance because good quality adhesives are used in them. These types of blockboards are used for outdoor purposes. 

These both blockboards are available in the market in both commercial and decorative type. 

Decorative Type

These blockboards have decorative face veneers on one or both sides. They are generally used for interior decoration, partitions, high class furniture, paneling, etc. 

Commercial Type

These blockboards are generally used for tabletops, flooring, ordinary furniture, tabletops, seats of bus bodies, panelling and partitions, railway carriages, etc. These blockboards have veneers of commercial timber on both sides. 

There are softwood and hardwood blockboards also available.

Softwood Blockboard

These blockboard sheets are made by attaching solid blocks of wood together using glue. These sheets are called battens or strips. Their surface is covered with hardwood veneers. 

Hardwood Blockboard

Hardwood Blockboard is heavy, costly, dense and strong as its core is made from hard sheets. The coating is also done using hardwood. 

There are various properties that you need to know before opting for a blockboard.

  • Blockboards have fair water resistant properties. Boiling Water Proof resin can be used for bonding the strips to make them waterproof.
  • Blockboards have a stiffer structure which makes them less prone to bending or sagging. Blockboards are mostly preferred for furniture or elements with length more than 6 to 7 feet.
  • Blockboards can be cut using regular wood work stools and they don’t split while cutting. 
  • They are used in recording studios, radio stations, etc. where soundproofing is required. They are poor conductors of sound, electricity and heat, so they offer good thermal and sound insulation properties. 
  • Blockboards are fairly strong compared to MDF and particle boards. Even though they have low density, they can withstand moderate loads. 

There are various pros and cons of having a blockboard. They are mentioned below.


  • Blockboards are lightweight and can be easily transported to the end location decreasing transportation costs.
  • They have good dimensional stability when exposed to humidity resisting cracking and wrapping. 
  • Blockboards can also hold nails and screws very well compared to MDF and particle boards. 
  • They are perfect for customised furniture design requirements where thickness is required to be displayed.


  • The strength and durability of the furniture may be affected if small gaps are left inside the core. Then it becomes difficult to work with blockboards as the screws and nails may go into the gaps instead of core. 

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