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Wood, one of the oldest resources of the nature that has been in use almost since the existence of
human, there are traces of houses built about 10,000 years old, during the Mesolithic age, which
have their major structure constructed out of timber. The Neolithic Long house, was one of the
biggest timber structures of the world during 9000 BC to 5000 BC and could house around 20-30
people. Wood was also used in the making of tools and weapons during the stone age, further on in
the bronze age daub and wattle which was a combination of wooden strips and adhesive was used
to make walls; Egypt in 2560 BC had to strip down every inch of wood and forest to build the
Pyramids of Giza.
The Iron age saw the transformation from wood to mud brick as the main composition of the
structures, yet wood was needed as the bricks needed wooden moulds to be made. There was a
further advancement, in the tools as the addition of steel improved them. The invention of timber
cranes during the Roman Age, helped the men as they could now lift heavy weights to heights and
build more spectacular structures.
In the Middle age, carpenters were high in demand as they were considered the most skilled
craftsmen, and the construction off every building required wood. The Romans invented Timber
Framing in around 50 AD and by the middle age it was being used actively to make impressive
structures, one of them being the hammer-beam roof of the Westminster hall. In 782 AD, Nanchang
Temple was built in China, which is the oldest structure having a timber frame on top of a stone
base; and till date, temples in China are built using the same technique.
Similarly, The Navajo tribe used wood, especially from the piñon pine tree for a Hogan, which was
semi subterranean shelter built to a specific, predetermined plan and was used for both, as a home
and a center for religious ceremonies and rituals. A wooden dome was built over the top that was
covered with mud, soil or occasionally made from stone, the male Hogan were constructed of three
forked poles covered with logs, brush and mud; whereas later Hogan were circular, 6 or 8 sided
dwellings constructed of logs or stone, and were called female Hogan.
Wood, more or else has been a major part of the human livelihood from the very beginning, and its
importance has kept increasing and being more appreciated with time. Even today, when our way of
living has completely changed, we still stay connected to the forest and wood.
Wood still stays a part of our daily life, and is found all around us, in forms of decor, murals,
paintings and especially furniture as it has always been one of the most popular material to built
with that stays with us for a long time. It is not just a sustainable and renewable construction
method but also very aesthetically pleasing.

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