Plywood Vs. Blockboard – What’s Right For You?

A home without good furniture pieces? Nah! 

We all love to spend some time looking for the world’s most beautiful sofa, beds, kitchen cabinets, dining tables, etc. But how do we know what is used to make them? Plywood or blockboard? 

While Hogan delivers the high-strength and aesthetically pleasing plywoods and blockboards, you should be equipped with the basic knowledge of what they are. 

Let’s find out!

Plywood is a sheet made from thin layers or ‘plies’ of wood stuck together with an adhesive. It comes in different types, based on the wood used to make it.

Blockboard has a core made of wooden layers or blocks, stuck edge to edge between two layers of plywood, which are then glued together under intense pressure. Generally, blockboards are made using softwood. 

How plywood and blockboards are used?

Commercial or MR Grade plywood is used for most interior furniture and for areas that are vulnerable to moisture Marine ply, or BWP/BWR ply is used.

While blockboard is usually used for lengthy pieces or wooden boards because it is stiffer and less prone to bending, unlike plywood. Blockboard is generally used for building long bookshelves, tables and benches, single and double beds, settees, and lengthy wall panels. It is light in weight and is used extensively for building interior and exterior doors.

What asks for more maintenance? Plywood or Blockboard?

When it comes to maintaining plywood, you need a dry dusting cloth to remove dust and dirt, and also, you need to take care that no liquid spilled on the plywood surface stays there for long. Quickly wipe and clean it dry to keep the plywood look ageless. 

Blockboard requires a clean, soft cloth to remove the dust. Do not wipe it with a wet mop and make sure it stays away from water.

What lasts long? Plywood or Blockboard?

Plywood holds up well for a very long time if not allowed to get wet. Plywood when laminated or veneered, can last for 50 years. In a dry environment, its life can be raised by a few more years.

Blockboard has less life in comparison to plywood. Compared to other engineered wood products, it is known to be stronger and last longer.

What costs more? Plywood or Blockboard?

Plywood is costly compared to the blockboard, while blockboard is cheaper as compared to plywood as softwood strips are used in it. 

Which is more strong and durable? Plywood or Blockboard?

Plywood holds high strength and durability because of its cross laminated structure.

Blockboard is made using softwood, so it is not as strong as hardwood plywood. But, if hardwood strips are used, the strength of the blockboard can be increased.

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