In Conversation With Manhar Gajjar: The Carpenter Talks

Tell us something about yourself.

My name is Manhar Gajjar and for the past 8 years, I have been living near science city with my family. When I was 14 years old, my father worked as a carpenter in Banaras and he used to take me with him and I used to help him with small works like hammering the nails, sharpening the plywood. So from that day till today I have worked in many houses, offices, and flats and gained experience of 25 years in carpentering.

Why do you prefer to use Hogan in plywood?  

When I came to Gujarat for work I have used many different types of plywood in making beds, sofa, doors, and other furniture. One site I was working with, they ordered hogan plywood and from that, I came to know about Hogan plywood. After using Hogan plywood I got very used to it easily as it is easy to cling and also it is the strongest plywood and it doesn’t bend while hammering nails. As a carpenter, the only problem we face with the plywood is that it doesn’t cling even after we apply a gum. But in Hogan plywood, I have never faced this problem. Hogan plywood is durable and is also water-resistant. I have never got any complaint from any client regarding the furniture issue. 

What is the specialty of Hogan plywood?

Hogan plywood is strongest compared to other plywood manufacturing companies. It doesn’t bend and cling properly and is also water-resistant. Hogan plywood lasts for years without any problem of bending. As a carpenter, I always want to use the best quality of plywood in furniture which doesn’t burst while hammering on it. 

Would you suggest other carpenters to use Hogan plywood?

I have been using Hogan plywood for the past 2 years and I always suggest to my other carpenter’s friends and also the customers to use Hogan Plywood. My experience with Hogan plywood is very positive and I like to suggest other carpenters use Hogan plywood for making long-lasting and better quality furniture. 

In what type of furniture Hogan plywood is necessary? 

Hogan plywood is used in every piece of furniture like in beds, cupboard, sofa, kitchen furniture, and also tv set furniture. These all things are meant to be strong as all these are made only once and thus Hogan plywood helps to make them last longer.  

Thank you, Manhar Gajjar for talking with us. Manhar is one of our carpenters from The Good Wood Story. 

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