In Conversation With Bhadresh Mistry: The Carpenter Talks

Tell us something about yourself. 

My name is Bhadresh Mistry, I have been living in Ahmedabad for the past 20 years with my family. I love carpentering as it makes me feel good and I love to do it. For the past 20 years, I have worked in many different places like Uganda, Bopal, Law Garden, and Satellite. I have gained a lot of experience in these 20 years and have mastery in making different and unique styles of furniture. 

Why do you prefer to use Hogan in plywood?

When I came to Ahmedabad I worked in many offices, bungalows, and flats. Before using Hogan plywood I was using other plywood in which I had to face many problems regarding the quality of plywood. Sometimes while bringing down the plywood from the truck it bends and breaks. There was a thickness issue with other plywood. But after using Hogan plywood I never have to face any such kind of problems. Hogan plywood is good in strength and also in thickness compared to other plywood. 

What is the specialty of Hogan plywood?

Plywood from the past 2 years and from that time itself I’m using Hogan plywood. One important thing Hogan provides is thickness. Hogan’s thickness is very good compared to other plywood. It doesn’t bend at all and its strength is the best part about Hogan plywood. It is easy to cling and also doesn’t bend while hammering nails. The main benefit of Hogan plywood is it is water-resistant and lasts longer compared to other plywood. Hogan plywood stays moisture-free even during monsoon. It doesn’t bend after applying laminate on the top. 

Would you suggest other carpenters to use Hogan plywood?

Helping other carpenters to use the best plywood is a carpenters responsibility and thus I always suggest others to use Hogan plywood. I also suggest my customers use Hogan plywood for their furniture. My many other friends also started using Hogan plywood after I suggested them.

In what type of furniture, Hogan plywood is necessary?

In almost every piece of furniture, Hogan plywood is used. I have used Hogan plywood in making dining tables, chairs, sofa, bed, cupboard, paneling, kitchen furniture, ceiling, and sliding door. Hogan thickness is useful in making all types of furniture as it lasts long for years. 

Thank you, Bhadresh Mistry for talking with us. Bhadresh is one of our carpenters from The Good Wood Story. 

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