Marking and Measuring Tips For Carpenters

The term we often hear amongst carpenters is “Measure twice cut once” and it’s probably the best. Keeping that in mind, we’ve gathered some of our favourite tips to make measuring easier, more accurate, and sometimes altogether unnecessary!

Benchtop Ruler

When it comes to measuring and marking, every carpenter wishes to have more than two hands. And we have seen carpenters drop their measure tapes too many times, and we have a solution for it. Just make your bench hold the tape for you.

Goof-Proof Center Finder

You can find and mark the exact centre of a board by measuring an equal distance from both ends and making two marks. It can be just a rough estimation as long as the marks are reasonably close together.

Easy-Read Speed Squares

Set squares are really easy to get and so handy to use when you want to quickly measure and mark something in not-too-big-of-a-piece.

Zip-Tie Depth Gauge

When you are working with a big piece of wood, it’s hard to measure distance and mark it. The easy option is to decide which point will be more useful to you and use a tire tread depth gauge there to make a hold and make your own calliper from there.

Squaring a Square

If your old carpenter’s square (or new one) is not precisely a square, but you don’t need to throw it away. You can adjust its angle by using a ball-peen hammer and a centre punch.

Perfect Shelf Pin Spacing

To drill evenly spaced holes isn’t easy and we understand that. But there are tools out there or there are tools than you can make yourself, to make your work hassle-free. You can use shelf pin spacing and easily do away with your work.

Finger-Guided Ruler

When it’s not about perfection and your work gets done just with a finger-guided ruler, don’t get too much worked up and just do it. All you’ll need is a wooden folding ruler, a pencil and two hands. Lay the rule on your piece the proper distance in, then hold the rule in your left hand with your index finger against the edge of the piece. With your pencil against the tip of the rule, slide both hands the length of the piece, using your left hand as a guide against the piece’s edge.

Giant Caliper

Did you ever have to find the exact diameter of a large part?  Here’s an easy solution that doesn’t involve mathematics. All you’ll need are 2 framing squares. Put the squares in opposite directions and slide them together, keeping their blades (wide part) flush, until the tongues (narrow part) are tight against the sides of the part being measured.  You can read the measurement from the inside edge of the square’s blade.

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