In Conversation With Bipin Jadav: The Carpenter Talks

Tell us something about yourself. 

My name is Bipin Jadav and I have lived here for the past 15 years. My home town in Surendranagar. And I have been working as a carpenter for the past 15 years. While I was studying my father and my grandfather used to work as carpenters and I used to help them in my free time or during vacations. I got some interest in carpentering. After completing my studies, I got more interest in carpentering, and so I decided to become a carpenter. Today I know everything about carpentry. 

Why do you prefer to use Hogan in plywood?

For the past 15 years, I have used many different plywoods but I never got what I wanted. There always used to be some of the other problems with the plywood. I have used a lot of plywood but the main problem with each one is that it bends while using or else its thickness is not good compared to Hogan. I have been using Hogan for the past 3 years and I never got a complaint regarding its wood and quality. After using Hogan I finally got what I wanted in plywood. The quality, the strength, and the thickness all these important factors come in Hogan plywood. Hogan plywood is carpenter friendly and thus it never has any bending problem, it clings fast, and also it doesn’t break while hammering or drilling. 

What is the specialty of Hogan plywood?

In Hogan plywood, we get the quality product. Thickness is so good and also its strength. It never bends and also easily clings. While applying sunmica and hammering nails on it the plywood doesn’t break.  And the work becomes fast and easy. While drilling on the plywood it cuts sharply without even bending or breaking. Hogan plywood is long-lasting for years without catching any moisture or getting bent. 

Would you suggest other carpenters to use Hogan plywood?

Hogan thickness is the best, and this is an essential element in making furniture. And thus I would surely suggest other carpenters to use Hogan plywood in making furniture. As it doesn’t bend at all and also doesn’t break while hammering nails and screw. I would definitely suggest my other carpenter friends to use Hogan plywood as you won’t get any complaints from your clients. 

In what type of furniture Hogan plywood is necessary?

Hogan plywood is used in almost every piece of furniture like making chairs, cupboards, paneling, sliding doors, beds, sofa, ceiling, and kitchen cabinets. These all things are meant to be strong as all these are made only once and thus Hogan plywood helps to make them last longer.  

Thank you, Bipin Jadav for talking with us. Manish is one of our carpenters from The Good Wood Story. 

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